Why The Loreverse?

“These worlds have been purged in this dreaded Ragnarok

Blood and tears of heroes spilled by villains who mock

Ages of darkness under the Shattered One’s might

Blinded by this force of Evil, souls cry into the night

Living and Dead who now toil in pain

The wicked toy with their lives in their terrible reigns

But that now shall end, Ragnarok is done

The time of the Deo Electi has come”

-Omnibus The Author Allfather

Before the Loreverse, I was enamored with a certain web-series, who I shall not name due to the risk of an angry mob, during that time, there also came a comeback of Star Wars, a step up in the production of Marvel Films and soon after DC throwing it’s hat into the ring. This all gave me hope for a surge of new epic stories that would inspire others as previous ones have done for generations.

But February 2015 and onward, things wen’t horribly wrong, it seemed that these things I enjoyed about these franchises began to deteriorating.

This Web-series had fallen into an aimlessly grim storyline

DC Comics and films had done so as well by a comic chairman and director so out of touch with people

Marvel seemed to collapse inward on itself with its relentless cookie-cutter production of films

Star Wars had been “Subverted” by producers and directors of absolute arrogance

Like a black claw rising from the pitch-black void of Gehenna, Tartarus, or any other a hellish realm, a parasitic entity has latched itself upon storytelling. Sucking it dry of life. Often with an perverted, nebulous, narcissistic, and overall gaslighting view of what is “Optimism” and “Hope”

This view pushed by a self-imposed storytelling intelligentsia who decides;

What ways are allowed or forbidden to approach the idea of Hope

What directions and choices are allowed to be made for archetypes and tropes

And most of all, they decide what people find “interesting” which sounds diverse and inclusive of ideas on the surface, but is in fact far from it.

And anyone who seemed to speak out of line were met with sneers and lectures by priggish toadies who are so out of touch with people, that they try to marginalize, alienate, and chastise anyone who opposes them.

The Loreverse is part of a movement that has risen up in response to this influence

The Superversive Movement

Which movement that supports stories that shows there are always hope, and in some cases such as my universe, stories that start out as dark and the tone shifts to light and that there is good in the world worth fighting for

As the name suggests, instead of trying to undermine something, it seeks to inspire from something

For more information follow this (link)

In The Loreverse, the stories take place where this “Subversion” has twisted these worlds into darkness, and many of their cherished heroes had been slain. Much like the myth Ragnarok when the Aesir and Vanir are wiped out by the Fire Giants led by Surt and his pawn and godchild Loki along with Loki’s children. Which supposedly gives way for a better new world, even though it is left nebulous and a lot like a dead end.

Thus, the stories of the Loreverse are the “Second Part” after this Ragnarok-esque event, a restoration and continuation of the old order after years of its suppression by those who brought forth and now rule over the ruin. Of course this does not resurrect the departed heroes of the past, nor is it trying to go backwards in time. I do not try to deny that things are now in the past and we need to move forward, but I will not subject the next characters of the same archetypes suffer the same fate but rather learn from those mistakes and fulfill the role of those who failed before as well as fulfill the desires of their predecessors both personal and the good of all, to not just simply show some pretty picture of a new world and just say “yup that’s it!”

Why? Because I have grown a bitter disgust for the modern use of the Ragnarok myth by many writers who whether consciously or not, use it as a glorified “Order 66”, an excuse to raise up heroes and their loved ones, and purge them all one by one.


“Hey, look at this colorful and awesome world, look at these epic and colorful characters with super-cool abilities, watch the build-up of their relationships, now watch them all get smashed down, the characters get torn apart and exterminated, and have their souls thrown into the void! But boy howdy, did they keep powering on through, kept their head high, didn’t go quietly, did the right thing, and saved the world so it’s all okay!”

Now normally, stories with that kind of narrative could work when there is something shown that shows this as a new beginning than a dead end. Such examples I can think of are Code Geass with the fates of Ohgi and Viletta, Rivalz and Milly, and Akito and Leila(some people don’t like the Exiled OVA’s but I liked it) But sadly, this isn’t the case. These new worlds are left nebulous and dissatisfying and often tell you to just shut up and like it.

Call me a literary art snob, but for me, that’s not good enough.

To me, the kind of stories that cycle as one saga that ends in Ragnarok and then followed by one that ends in restoration are the best because we have one set of characters who suffer the fate of Ragnarok and the new world is in the hands of evil, but then it’s reversed with a similar set of characters whose fate is a “Reverse Ragnarok” or what Tolkien would call “The Eucatastrophe”

Ragnarok alone to me is a glorified extermination of the old and replace it with a new world which you can’t feel for, it’s to some sterile and dead, a fate you cannot escape and all you can do is smile and accept it and power through the bad until the event that you are as dead as darkness itself

To me it’s the Crucifixion without the Resurrection, evil wins because it has supplanted the old and killed the past, like how Disney is trying to with the Sequel Trilogy

To me, that kind of story needs to follow up with another saga to contrast it. Because we have one set of characters who suffer the fate of Ragnarok and the new world is in the hands of evil, but then it’s reversed with a similar set of characters whose fate is “The Eucatastrophe” and example I could think of is the Ragnarok of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy with Anakin and Padme and the Jedi Order but then it is followed by the Original Trilogy with the Eucatastrophe of Hand and Leia and eventually Luke and Mara Jade(yes I am aware of her fate but to me, it was a more fulfilled life in her case opposed to Pademe’s) along with the restoration of the Jedi Order

And yet every year it seems that fewer and fewer writers even care about such things, or worse, sneer at the very concept. As if deliberately dissatisfying people and stunting and sterilizing such worlds, characters, and their romantic relationships somehow achieve something. Which is exactly why I joined this movement. Eucatastrophe is mocked, comedy in the classic sense is now seen as blasphemous, a happy ending that has been bled for is now problematized. All by a subculture of sanctimonious narcissists who claim authority that they do not possess.

Because if nobody is going to subvert the darkness back to light and give these archetypes the proper treatment’s they deserve then we’ll do it ourselves.

Enough with the destruction, hyperrealism, and this drug-like addiction to angst. Its about time we start rebuilding things.