What is The Loreverse? – A Multiverse of Mythology

The Loreverse, or simply known as Lore is a fictional multiverse where my stories take place in. It’s overarching influence is fantasy, but the universes within in it are fantasy blended with various genres. This multiverse is under the watchful eyes of it’s supreme deity. He has been called by many names in existence, including the Loreverse, but his angelic servants, The Archetypes, call him Omnibus, The Author Allfather.

He had created the heavenly realm, Paradisio, upon which he created eight angelic beings, who in The Loreverse are called The Creati

Aetherius and Netherius-The Brother Seraphim of Aether

And the Six Cherubim

Solarax-The Loremaster of Fire(Noir)

Ventix-The Loremaster of Wind(Western)

Fulgrom-The Loremaster of Thunder(Sci-Fi)

Aquitas-The Loremistress of Water and wife of Fulgrus(Adventure)

Silvine-The Loremistress of Forest and wife of Ventus(Fantasy)

Umbrarias-The Loremistress of Shadow and wife of Iginis(Horror)

Then Omnibus created a second cosmic void known as Lore where endless amounts of blank cosmic eggs dwell, these were known as Lore-Eggs.

Omnibus then linked these eggs to the minds of each Creati and Omnibus spoke to them

“Imagine the world you wish to create and commune with me, from our union these eggs will hatch into worlds filled with life in the images you desire.”

The Creati joined in communion with Omnibus and when they did the eggs hatched into the Lore-Worlds which bloomed with life and The Celestials looked in adoration and amazement

However, Netherius looked upon these worlds and saw them as stagnant and weak,and attempted to overthrow Omnibus, his brother Aetherius, and the Six Cherubim and gain control over the Lore-Worlds himself. Luminos being so incredibly powerful, it took Atherius and the Six Cherubim to cast Luminos out from Heaven

When Netherius fell, the impact from breaking the barrier between Paradisio and Lore was so great, Luminos shattered into pieces and when those pieces fell onto those worlds, they melted into them. In those worlds he is known by many names as well, but The Archetypes now call him Diabolicus The Shattered One.

Thus, as a result, the Lore-Worlds themselves became vulnerable to corruption. Giving Diabolicus the opportunity to twist these worlds into his own twisted designs by working through wicked souls who inhabit these worlds.

However, Omnibus was prepared.

During this time, Omnibus and The Creati created a realm in place of the shattered barrier called Avalon and on it created a race of lesser angelic beings, The Inspiri, whom they sent down to these worlds and formed holy orders that taught the peoples of these worlds the way of Omnibus, chronicle each world’s events, and served as branches of a collective celestial society known as The Hierarchy of Lore. Each of the Hiearchy’s orders is led by a Loresage and his/her servants, Lorekeepers, who bestow power upon heroic individuals who Omnibus chooses as his Deo Electi to combat the darkness and bring their worlds into a brighter age.

However in the recent times, the Hierarchy has lost these Lore-Worlds to The Shattered One’s disciples of darkness, through whom he has gain control

And so in each of these worlds do these stories begin, stories of individuals chosen to be the Deo Electi, and guided by the mysterious influence Omnibus, The Creati, and the Hierarchy of Lore to heal these broken and fallen worlds and vanquish the curses that ail them.