Retro Ace-The Creator

Since my childhood, I had been fascinated by epics in tv shows, comic books, movies, and video games. My earliest experience was Star Wars, followed by Pokemon, Thundercats, Dragonball Z, Lord of The Rings, and Harry Potter. Since then I had been following many fantastical stories and had even been reading and collecting books about ancient mythology. With all of this, I have used it to create a fictional universe that I hope one day adapted into an animated TV shows or webshows that will stick to many coming generations and perhaps, and this is a BIG perhaps, have the same impact that these shows that came before me and will in turn inspire other creative minds as I was inspired my minds of those who came before me, and I am willing to collaborate with others for their own projects and have the same passions as I do.


Audio Design

I have worked with audio editing software that allows me to edit and piece together audio with the right software to change hte level of base, origin of sound weather be left, right or both, audio filters and effects, desired results.

Film Editing

Editing together footage of film as well as audio and music in order to create cohesive, smooth, and well put together sequences, crucial for visual Storytelling


Taking and editing photographs




media, entertainment, and digital marketing solutions company that operates radio stations, live events, and digital, mobile, video and social media properties, focused on small and mid-sized markets.

Responsibilities included audio and advertising production projects across multiple media platforms – sweepers, jingles, PSAs, podcasts, and commercials.

Event setup support, filing and office management including record keeping.

Worked collaboratively with production team and management, other interns and all levels of staff.


Project Management
Task-Oriented Contributor
Strong Written &
Verbal Communication
Video, Audio, Photography and Media Production
Creative, Visual and Detail Oriented


Art of Film
Screenwriting for Film & TV
Multi-Camera Production
The Art & Craft of Editing Video
Basic Video Production
Media Digital Toolbox
Audio Editing
Audio Production
Visual Effects

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B.A. Media Studies & ProductionMarist College
Poughkeepsie, New YorkMay 2020

Associate’s Degree in CommunicationsDutchess Community College
Poughkeepsie, NY

Let’s make something together.

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