A Challenge to Anti-Nihilists: It’s time for a real conversation

This is my last post of my three-part rant, the previous parts one and two and this post is a bit ripped off by The Distributist’s “Atheist Hacks” video, and this is to address how the Militant Anti-Nihilists(or I like to call “The M.A.N.”) got away with their sanctimonious and ideologically disingenuous behavior when it came to bashing anything that was even just one shade lighter than Watchmen, Madoka Magica, Akame Ga Kill, and their recent “champion” that is RWBY and banishing dissidents to the zones of sanctioned dissent often run by Corporate Overlords as well as a challenge to them.

You see, before WebToon, Tapas, Indeigogo, and Kickstarter many creative minds were ultimately bound a lot to just publishing novels, putting their work on DeviantART, or had to jump through hoops through big to apply for companies such as Disney or go write kiddie shows, romcoms, and sitcoms, both of which even then often limited a storyteller what they wanted to do due to their own brands strict guidelines

And to add to that back in the 90s and to mid 2000s there were famous shows, notably anime such as Dragon Ball Z , Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Sword Art Online, and Naruto that while popular and well received did have a lot of issues.

You could easily point out the flaws of Goku’s family and the lack of real authentic consequences of his world, or the idiocy of Ash Ketchum, the whininess of Usagi and the OP of Kirito and his family, and the stupidity of the titular orange ninja and then turn around and say

“See? Stories with well-earned happy endings that are lighthearted, have families, or anything similar is inherently incompatible outside of Disney and Marvel!” and then banish those who disagree to the aforementioned ideological ghettos

There was no real other alternative for many dissident creators, so it was safe to do that.

But it’s not like that anymore.

Now with the effective aforementioned indie platforms and even Viz itself allowing indie content, there are now intelligent and thoughtful artists who want to continue the eucatastrophic stories while also addressing the issues that had been pointed out and use that to improve the story without needing to compromise between the overcorrective anti-nihilist or the destructive nihilist.

And theatrically sneering, snarking, and sniding all over the place and banishing dissidents to these little pens isn’t gonna cut it.

If these fanatics of these dark stories and their “ultimately hopeful” morals really want to pursue truth, goodness and beauty, they’re gonna have to actually address works outside of these big brands which honestly work as their perfect little straw men.

Indie works that have more sincerity then the reanimated shambling zombie of the MCU or the easily blown down sitcoms and romcoms.

It’s time for a real discussion, a real debate, not malicious crusade against anyone who saw a dark story and thought “I disagree with the creator, I think it could have gone a different way for these characters and story” and then use that as inspiration.

Instead have an honest exchange of stories and creative concepts and see how their hopeful styles and approaches to epic fiction, characters, and worlds match up with another hopeful approach and style.

Because many of the creators and thinkers who they love to theatrically proclaim had inspired them did this frequently because they were sincerely trying to find out and express truths and create new things.

But hey, I have no authority over these guys nor should I.

They can keep pursuing their pointless conquest and like these dark stories because it just gives them that little feeling of being superior amongst the unwashed masses, which then afterwards they cry their crocodile tears over the next tragic romance and character death and then proceed to harumph to one another in congratulation for supposedly “pursuing value and meaning, but also not expecting happiness”

But when it comes to actually understanding to the values of comedy and tragedy and the thinkers and artists who they are clearly inspired by, they are but cheap parodies.

They’re suck ups, they’re sycophants, they’re toadies

and when it comes to creativity and imagination, they are only hackish, cultish, and malicious ideologues.

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