Toadyish Tragedy: An Audience of Narcissists

Now this is a followup to my last post, and it explains another problem within modern fiction besides Nihilism, and it delves deeper into the mindset of the zealots who seem obsessed with gatekeeping epic fiction by sucking up to big creators and companies who give them what they want(or at least enough to twist into propaganda), pressure that onto the next generation of creators, and exiling the commoners to their little zones of sanctioned dissent(Disney, Marvel, Romcoms, Sitcoms, etc.)

It’s not really the artists or thinkers who’s guilty of this(though I can think of a few people in the entertainment industry who are), the creators and thinkers are just doing their thing and following their own style, and it’s often to convey a moral message and both are genuinely interested in finding out and expressing true things.

The problem here lies in a movement sanctimonious and toadyish individuals who only praise these artists and thinkers to use their works as their own soapbox and propaganda to preach and proselytize their own tastes and morally grandstand.

They just want to use these claims of virtue as excuses to like tragic things happening to heroes because it feeds their little God/Messiah-Complexes and feeling superior to everyone else as well as giving them that lustrous title of being “being moral, but not expecting happiness.” which in this case they mean “My moral **** is bigger than everyone else’s” and will quote any thinker and artist to justify it no matter how out of context they use these quotes and ideas.

They just want to watch characters who uphold value, but don’t always expect happiness due to how unpredictable life can be, which then these sycophants then position themselves as “life” and proceed to watch tragedy, misfortune, and cruelty happen to them. Knowing these characters ultimately won’t fight back in the terms of being selfish or giving up.

Like the tragic end of Arkos and what I dread Sun and Blake might end up as along with the bastardized Renora

Just to show off their power/beliefs and say

“Look how we are upholding heroics and meaning while being aware that life is suffering and cruel! We align with Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence! We are the ambassadors of life itself! WE ARE BETTER THAN EVERYBODY!”

It’s just another brand of virtue-signaling theatrically proclaimed by another brand of hackish and disingenuous ideologues

Because to let even a supporting character couple that we get to follow survive would somehow magically undo or deny any of the risks, suffering, and tragedy, and pain in the past.

And not only that, they shoot down ideas and concepts that come out of disagreement with the creators they champion.

A personal example I can give is my personal disagreement with the loyalist fandom of RWBY, when I spoke of a character couple like Jaune and Pyrrha getting a happy ending, a well-earned one, they were like

“Oh yes! To show what could have been but was tragically lost due to destiny and sacrifice!”

But when I meant an actual story where characters like them could got a happy ending, and couples like Sun and Blake and Ren and Nora for that matter

And they just didn’t disagree, they sneered at the idea and replied 

“People don’t find that interesting, sorry!”

Like they didn’t want a stories like that *to* exist. Because writing an epic story like that would be committing a crime against humanity.

They didn’t ask “Well, what crosses would they bear together instead?” Or “How would you go about it, what conflicts? What sacrifices would they make together? How would you have it contribute to the story or at least not harm it?”

No debate, no discussion, they just shot it down.

It’s something I like to call “concept assassination”

And then they said it was like “90% of shonen anime” which they give no specific examples and imply those are untruths enjoyed by unwashed masses unlike the supposed enlightened 10% and therefore no more stories like that are allowed to be made.

And when they’re not doing that, they’re banishing the commoners to Disney, Marvel, Sitcoms and Romcoms where we supposedly belong.

My late grandfather had a deadbeat woman of a mom who abandoned him and it was his dad who came to his rescue, he served the Korean War, and witnessed the most horrendous crimes as a cop.

You know what got him by?

His wife, his kids(my mom and uncles), and stories with happy endings, occasionally reading a Greek and Shakespearean Tragedy here and there.

“I’ve seen enough of this sh*t in real life, I don’t need to see it in movies.”

So does that mean my grandpa was just out of his mind and deluding himself because he’s weak?

Nobody ever just sits down and just talks to someone anymore, they’re so scared of being a drone that they need to position their tastes above everyone else’s and just assume the worst of others.

They never both to try to see where they other guy is coming from, or worse, listen but then act like something is wrong with the other guy because they didn’t end up liking what they like.

“This isn’t for everyone, therefore I must be superior than everyone! Look how above I am amongst the blind herds of sheep! If anyone liked anything different to cope and move from their pain, something must be wrong with them!

I’m not saying they have to share our subjective/personal feelings and tastes, they don’t have to at all.

But would it kill these people to not look at those who differ from them as poor deluded saps or evil or insane?

And would a story inspired by disagreement from ones like RWBY and Madoka Magica be that horrible?

Makes me wonder when they say “go outside” or “your being pathetic and sad” or “cope and seethe” or make those snarky RWBY memes at dissident’s, they’re just projecting big time. 

Because they’re the ones who want everyone else to shut up and go to the little zones of sanctioned dissent and restrict their creative minds.

So that way everything’s all nice a copacetic for their own convince.

And with new effective platforms such as Indeigogo, Kickstarter, WebToon, and Tampas, they’re desperately trying to stop the swing of the pendulum.

And they will suck up to any big creator(living or dead) and company in order to do so, will allow nihilists to run rampant if it means degrading and tearing down other stories of differing tastes, and dox and harass people online relentlessly with their ruthless thought policing.

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