The M.A.N.(Militant. Anti-Nihilists): A Rant

I know what I am about to say is about to enrage an entire subculture, but I can’t help but say this because my concern for the future generations of storytellers and the current generation that will be there to educate them, and by “educate” I mean gatekeep and control creative minds that don’t genuflect to their opinions, subjective feelings, and personal taste.

Once I was a fan of RWBY, it was a webshow about a cool magitek world filled with colorful and impressively designed characters and monsters who were allusions to fairy tales, folklore, and mythology. All of which are of my forte. In this show there was also potential romantic couples who’s stories I saw greatly contributing to what I thought would be a great narrative, couples who go through hell together and make it.

Not unlike the tales of Inuyasha and Kagome, Edward Elric and Winry, Han Solo and Leia Organa/Skywalker, I think you get the idea.

But with the dark turn in RWBY V3 with the couple Arkos being built up only to be killed off, it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth because I have seen where this song and dance has gone to in the past. I tried to like it and go on, but as my suspicions proved themselves to be correct, I decided to drop the show. 

And yes, I am aware these are based on subjective feelings and personal taste and distaste. But that’s what I feel, and that’s what I think.

But honestly, I don’t resent the late creator Monty Oum. He just simply had his own way of doing things that I just disagree with.

My frustration lies with a group of Nietzsche-worshiping sycophants who initially scoffed at the show for being “for kids” but with the destruction of the characters Penny, Roman, and Pyrrha, came flocking to the work like a wake of vultures smelling a freshly deceased carcass and began lecturing, patronizing, and outright gaslighting anyone who felt alienated for whatever reason, and they seem to be from a trend that started 2011 or maybe even further back to 1987

By 1987 the comic Watchmen had made its infamous influence on comics, and then in 2011 Gen Urobuchi, aka “The Butcher”, had taken shounen anime by storm with Madoka Magica.

In those days, God help you if you subjectively disliked these kinds of stories and disagreed with The Butcher’s philosophy, and preferred stories like Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, The Dragonball series or you even liked both.

Because doing that would lead to a small but obnoxiously loud, passive-aggressive, smarmy, and overall sanctimonious minority who infiltrate these fandoms to start lecturing and chastising you, and accusing you for wanting everything to be all “Sunshine and Rainbows”

Which they mean anything thats even one shade lighter than these works they worship, saying stories with well-earned happy endings “been around so long” as if these new stories were oppressed by them before the great prophet Alan Moore came to them like Moses when the Jews were enslaved to the Egyptians.

Even condescendingly dismissing them as “Bullsh*t” as if its some kind of incantation that magically delegitimizes anything they don’t like.

And now with RWBY and the unfortunate death of Monty Oum, they now have someone to raise up as their respective Jesus Christ who’s death they elevated from a tragic death of a passionate creator to a secular Crucifixion, dying to redeem us from the original sin of Happily Ever After.

And RWBY and any similar stories are not allowed to be challenged, or even at least contrasted.

Say someone was unhappy with the tragic ending of Arkos, unhappy that Black Sun didn’t become canon, how the character Oscar Pine was destined to be a tragic character and unhappy with how darkness in RWBY is gone about. So they use these characters and what they like about the show as inspiration for their original characters and ships, and story only with a well-earned happy ending instead.

To these ideologues, that’s not allowed because that’s “leeching off” the original work.

Even though countless works of fiction throughout history came from “I could do something better with this”, and when you create a work of art and put it out there, it’s subject to this as well. You don’t put your art out and expect a safe-space for it.

Let me give a modern example with an indie comic, Kamen America by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini of Iconic Comics

But to make a long story short, Kamen America aka Carly Vanders was inspired by Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, in particular her early days as Warbird/Ms.Marvel and the displeasure of her current incarnation.

So the creators took what he liked about Captain Marvel and combined it with other elements such as Sailor Moon and various Tokusatsu. Which has become a huge success.

Hell, even though I’m Catholic I will play devil’s advocate and point out His Dark Materials Trilogy written by an Atheist in response to the Chronicles of Narnia series.

You could even argue Gen Urobuchi himself did the same thing with Sailor Moon when he wrote Madoka Magica, with the demonic alien Kyubei being a strong indicator of this.

This has been going on since the days of cavemen telling stories around fires.

But the RWBY Stans think RWBY, Madoka Magica, Watchmen, and stories like them are the be-all-end-all of epic storytelling and thereby exempt from these natural forces of creativity and imagination.

And not only that, be the permanent standard for all epic fiction that’s not Disney or Marvel.

Acting offended on behalf of a man who none of these ideologues had ever personally met or spoken to, nor his family, and claiming authority which they do not, nor should they possess.

They want to subvert, invert, deconstruct, contrast, and challenge whatever stories and tropes they want, while simultaneously forbidding anyone else from doing so with their cherished stories.

And they also want to say whatever they want, anywhere online and at anytime without suppression, while simultaneously demanding to be allowed to censor and control voices within their own online communities,

And these two massive hypocrisies are the reasons I’ve lost my patience with this subcultures.

One time I even read a post where characters like Pyrrha can only have tragic fates because

“That’s that kind of character she is” as if that was gospel.

And if there are still dissidents who have a problem with that, they should just go watch and work for Marvel, Disney, and Pureflix and never use RWBY for their inspiration unless the inspired characters suffer the same exact destiny.

And when their designated zones of disagreement ends up conforming to their way, these groups will be more than happy to let it happen because it means more pop-culture territory for themselves.

For an example, I made a post online how I was just tired of dark stories like RWBY and how it’s bleeding other stories like DC comics when Dan Didio trashed Superman Lois’s marriage and aborted the marriage of Batman and Catwoman

One RWBY Zealot used this to brag about the greatness of dark stories like RWBY and how liking it made him a morally superior individual and then sycophantically supported Dan Didio’s writing choice’s because

“Single Superman and Batman sells well”, because that’s something he would buy

And this is the same sanctimonious individual who dismissed epic couples who go through hell and make it as inherently “pandering” to what I assume the supposed unwashed masses of untruth.

They want to conform new creative minds, especially indie ones, to their way of thinking or else be exiled to restrictive zones where their idols cannot be challenged and then proceed to strip the dissident of any power they have left.

Thereby creating a global entertainment safe-space in which to create and enjoy their taste in stories and never have to worry about dissent.

Thats why RWBY Stans also hate RWBY AU/Reimagining fan fiction as well and haven even gone after RWBY rewrites on YouTube, because they know those could evolve into original stories that challenge or contrast RWBY, which of course makes them upset.

Because they have built their whole ego and identity off their taste to the point they see other approaches as a “kill or be killed” scenario in order to secure their own feelings of moral superiority.

They’re basically a movement of zealots waging an ideological conquest of creativity by causing chaos on online communities and forums and making deals with nihilists under the table if said nihilists go after stories and tropes that they don’t like.

Beserk Fans, Attack on Titan Fans, Fate Fans, Hellsing Fans, and even Warhammer 40k fans as far as I know, do not have the incessant organized hatred for well-earned happy endings and anything one shade lighter than grimdark, that these fanatics among the RWBY fandom have forced onto online communities in the past few years.

These guys lecture others for being in “comfort zones” for their tastes, but they’ve made these dark stories their own “comfort zones” and worse, trying to lowkey proselytize to the next generation as religious dogma.

It’s despicable when you think about it

Beat up the people who are in the same boat as you in terms of position of power, but have differing opinions, subjective feelings, and personal tastes than you do.

Don’t allow a discussion to occur.

Demonize and exile dissidents to little idealogical ghettos where they can’t challenge you

Then throw the plebeians and their beloved works to the nihilist dogs when you get the chance

And be a good little consumer to big creators and companies who give you what you want, or at least do enough for you to use as propaganda.

On YouTube I’ve seen a channel called RetroBlasting cover a similar story in their video which I was inspired by, “ReproCops: The Police State of Star Wars Toy Collecting”, that covered a group of toy collecting zealots who are trying to shut down the production of 3rd-party reproduction parts for Star Wars toys.

And their behavior sounds eerily similar to RWBY Stans.

Just as Stans attack FanFiction Writers and go outside their walls into other tags and groups on social media platforms and forums, the anti-repro groups go into other forums and groups to attack other collectors, but they go even further than that and police Indiegogo and Kickstarter and report Repro-Makers on Ebay and Etsy to hurt their businesses.

So how long until these Stans follow suit?

Because now with effective indie platforms such as WebToon, Tapas, Indiegogo and Kickstarter picking up steam, I can’t help but worry that these psycho-stormtroopers will launch an “anti-bullshit crusade” across these platforms and try shut down any indie creators who’s style they deem “sunshine and rainbows” or “leeching off RWBY”, especially if they turn out to be disappointed RWBY fans.

All in an unachievable conquest of creativity itself.

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