Six Blind Men

I Looked and Beheld

Demon: They wrung your soul like a piece of wet laundry. And after they squeezed every last drop of good out of your body, what did they do? Excommunication. Oh, my poor boy. Don’t let your life be the last thing they take.

Father Marcus: Six blind men go into a room. There’s the elephant in the room, and they all grab a part; the trunk, the ear, the tail. All of them trying to describe that one little piece of something greater.

Demon: I’m familiar with the story.

Father Marcus: Then you should know that you’re wasting your time. ‘Cause I didn’t touch a trunk, or a tail, or an ear. I saw the whole damn elephant! 12 years old, staring down one of your bastard brothers! And the world cracked in half. And I saw God on the other side. I’m not dying for the bloody Church. I…

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