The Entitled Fan: The Frankenstein Monster of Frustration, Fandoms, and Elitism

I guess is what I consider something of a sequel of my last post “Grimmdark Cops: The OTHER Fiction Police” and its regard to another problem which is the Self-Entitled Fanboy/Fangirl

Now we all know the (Self)Entitled Fan, they think they can demand whatever they want and act nuts when they don’t get it, or at least not 100% what they had in mind. But I dare say they are somewhat better than a Stan, but thats not saying much, because they have at least a sense of autonomy and don’t just accept whatever their given, but most often like Stans they don’t have much thought put into articulating their position or want nor acknowledging the reasons why.

But speaking from my own experience as a former entitled fanboy, I don’t think the result of an entitled fan is simply lack of proper maturity.

Sometimes its rather, or perhaps also, a result of being disappointed and dissatisfied in the past with past favorite stories taking turns that they have seen done before that the individual has grown so tired and frustrated from it.

When they tried to speak their displeasure, they were often mocked, chastised, or softly lectured like a child for being unhappy because of subjective feelings and how nobody would find the stories they would like interesting, almost calling the individual a freak of sorts.

So the individual bit their tongue and continued to search for new stories that had familiar elements that the person liked, would take turns and writing choices that resonated with their taste, only to be disappointed and then lectured for openly expressing their disappointment again, and again, and again.

Finally as a result from this chronic disappointment and lack of empathy from others, and even passive aggressive pressure to change their tastes or be banished dissatisfying zones of sitcoms and kiddie shows, the individual lashes out in rage and frustration making volatile demands and threats as it seems to be the only way it to get anyone to listen to them. Which is exacerbated by apathetic loyal fans who yell and scream back while bombastically flaunting their loyalty and proclaim how they don’t let their own personal feelings get in the way, how the dissent “doesn’t get it”, and proceed to bask in self-congratulatory moral superiority.

Keep in mind, I have problems with the Joker movie in regards to its use of the Joker character, but its message isn’t wrong.

Think about that.

“Nobody thinks what it’s like to be the other guy

Nobody who seems to get their way or just accepts it as a good writing choice never bothers to think what it’s like to be the person let down and frustrated. They don’t try to see where the individual is coming from and always assumes the worst, because it’s easier to make a villain out someone who disagrees with you and look righteous than to be considerate and think before you act towards that person.

“Why don’t they used what they liked and wanted as inspiration for original material then?” You probably ask. Well as the link to my last post along with my previous points made above, there has been a growing subculture that has actively worked to discourage that. Which brings the dissident a sense of powerlessness and despair and prevent the former style and tastes from being challenged, or at the very least contrasted.

And to make it perfectly clear, I am NOT condoning the harassment or death threats of anyone, nothing is worth giving a death threat over.

I’m not saying that it should have went their way, but I am saying is if you have the patience and compassion you should understand where they are coming from rather than just dismiss their problems and acting “Ha-ha-ha! I am more mature, intelligent, and morally superior to you, uncultured subhuman swine!”, if you don’t have that grace, then maybe you should just mind your own business and go about your day

and I’m not saying the writers and companies owe the audiences everything or obligated to always do what the dislikers say. 

What I am saying is this; if these dissidents are just simply reaching out to those are also unhappy with the state of story to work out their problems and create new ideas, or just simply venting and complaining, and even making blockable tags on social media to be considerate of people who don’t like hearing it, then the only thing they are guilty of being “entitled” to is their tastes, thoughts and feelings, which they are entitled to. 

As such, the dissidents are under little to no obligation to stay silent for the convenience of those who do like the way things are, unless the latter is being insulted or personally attacked by the former. Especially when a tag is created so the loyalists don’t have to look at it.

Because the more you try to muzzle dissidents and discourage others from hearing them out, the more fuel you will add to the fire and make things worse

Telling them to shut up and telling them they are not allowed write anything that challenges them and don’t deserve to be given what they want, for almost a decade

And telling them their not allowed to express and displeasure and keep it all to themselves and not reach out to each other

Then smugly taunting them and rubbing their disappointment in their face

Do you seriously think none that could have any contribution in their emergence?

To mock people who are in anguish and frustration and tell them to shut up is no different than Murray Franklin and the rest of Gotham in the Joker Movie kicking the crap and humiliating Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill man who was going under serious personal strife and stuck with a negligent therapist who could give less a damn about him

I know we all like to think that when people lash out like this we can just put it all on the perpetrator and insist we’ve done nothing wrong and go back to our shenanigans of taunting them and say “lol haha butthurt” and “I’m loyal and righteous, they’re wrong and self-entitled, so I can act as nasty as I want to them because I have the moral high ground!”

Do I have to remind you all what happened to Murray and the rest of Gotham at the end of the Joker Movie?

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