Grimmdark Cops: The OTHER Fiction Police

I NOTE: This rant is inspired by RetroBlasting’s rant on Anti-Repro Star Wars Toy Collectors, forgive me if I sound too much like him. But I can’t help but relate to him on a spiritual level and the issues he addresses sound almost identical to the ones I have encountered.

Since what I estimate the year 2010, the internet has allowed people who are easily seduced by groupthink to cling to one another in small but obnoxiously loud packs that force their way onto others wether by sheer screeching, or underhanded, manipulative, and passive aggressive gaslighting and that has not been any more true than on Tumblr and Wiki Discussion pages and especially in my experience with the story that is RWBY.

You see, besides Social Justice Warriors, there is another group of ideologues on social media thats one head of a malicious Hydra that tramps about various franchise communities. This small but loud and volatile group have been fighting a pointless war against all who dissent in their taste.

Their Goal? Control the forces of creativity to work in their favor and like Modern Corporate Disney, create a giant cultural monopoly. And in this empty pursuit, these authoritarian nutters have been proven themselves to be one of many Obsessive Compulsive Hordes that skulk the internet.

On Tumblr there is one notorious leader of this group can be found in Tumblr who I will call, The-Black-And-White-Beserker, and I apologize to anyone in advance who has this username on any social network as well as the other usernames I will use in this rant. This man has called out SJWs and Fedora atheists, mostly for their alienation, groupthink, authoritarian bullying, oppression narratives, buzzwords, and other nonsense.

But when it came to someone disliking the way RWBY went or didn’t like the works of Gen Urobuchi, this man would throw his self-awareness and rational discourse out the window and resort from the same SJW methods, to the most volatile and rage-filled methods of gaslighting, stalking, and even going so far as to sick his personal army of stormtroopers from reddit on anyone who dares to feel and think differently from Monty Oum, Gen Urobuchi, or any other writers The Besrker worshiped. All while labeling any opinions and arguments he disliked for whatever reason as “BullS**t” as if it was some magic word.

“Alaka BullS**t! And Presto! I magically delegitimized your opinions and feelings!”

Seriously, it was “BullS**t” this and “BullS**t” that but I digress.

Now one mistake I see people make when trying to confront people like Beserker and the Angst Stans as a whole is they make the mistake that these people are nihilistic. They aren’t.

They often have a concept of doing what’s right regardless how much the world fights you on it

They have a concept of virtue and justice and doing the right thing and not being edgy in terms of giving up morality.

Nihilism isn’t the problem.

The problem is they want to force the approach of their appointed prophets such as Gen Urobuchi and Dan Didio onto all of epic storytelling.

To hear this small but loud and obnoxious group spin the yarn, people like Gen Urobuchi were these Noble Martyrs who were fighting against and were oppressed by some kind of Storytelling Establishment that was keeping everyone in some kind of dark age of oppression and ignorance. And now with more works taking cue, Fate: Zero, Madoka Magic’s, Akame Ga Kill, and now RWBY, we can break free from the chains of oppression, and go on this noble revolution to purge the world of the Original Sin of Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Dragonball, Disney Fairy Tales, and other “BullS**t” stories and rid ourselves of these supposed psychological demons we all seem to be possessed by

Game of Thrones Fans, Walking Dead Fans, Hellsing Fans, Attack on Titan fans, even American Horror Story, Warhammer 40k, and Berserk Fans as far as I know do not have the same incessant organized hatred for anything one shade lighter than Grimmdark that these fanatics have forced onto online communities in the past four years

The aforementioned groups while many not be into those kinds of stories at least choose to not actively hate them and/or respect people of differing tastes and how they use their inspirations and creative minds. They understand everyone has their own style and every story has its place.

When someone brought up how it seems like this subculture is trying to force its way onto future stories, The-Black-and-White-Berserker denied it and said if it was it was because so many stories had happy endings for heroes. Which he arbitrarily decrees all as “pandering” and not one of those kind of stories were ever good.

So basically “It’s not true, and if it was, that would be a good thing. So conform or be stomped into submission.”

But then when someone complained how Dan Didio ruined the Superman Family and trashed the marriage between Selena Kyle and Bruce Wayne, he said that was probably because “Single Batman and Superman sells well” which itself is an ultimately another form of pandering and even then, a considerable number of angry DC fans said they didn’t like it.

But thats the thing with groups like the RWBY Stans, they are the informed majority against the vocal toxic minority, or enlightened few amongst the unwashed masses. It has to be either one of those cases because in their mind, their way always makes everything better and can never be in the wrong and never will be.

Beserker also said any attempt to create any stories in response to stories like RWBY, Madoka Magica, and so on, weather be a fanfic or an original story that uses the works as inspiration, would be “leeching off” that work, especially when that response is done out of distaste.

Like say, somebody didn’t like the way Jaune and Pyrrha or Cloud and Aerith were tragic, so they might use the characters as inspiration and write an epic where characters like them go through Hell together and get a happy ending instead.

To the Beserker, that should not be allowed. But someone like Gen Urobuchi who’s words about happiness being “deceptive” is gospel and thus, has the moral high ground in his actions of making stories being inspired by shows and genres that did things he hated. A justified payback for Walt Disney “sanitizing” fairy tales or some rhetoric like that. But I will get into that later.

According to the Beserker’s law, if you don’t like it, make an original story that NEVER uses the archetypes, ship dynamics, or uses any inspiration of any kind and never challenges their approach.

I’m gonna make this very very clear. When you create art, especially in terms of storytelling, you put it out to be not only critiqued and admired, people may not like some parts of it and use what they did like as inspiration to create something in response.

And they have the absolute right to do that. Since the dawn of storytelling, inspiration had come from all sorts reasons, including disagreement and dislike of a story. Everyone has the right to challenge and contrast ideas and approaches.

Trying to police that is trying to control the forces of Creativity itself, which is intangible, insane, nor should be even attempted.

But we’re talking about a group of people fighting to completely control the forces of creativity and literary thousands of thousands of years of storytelling since cavemen told stories around fires.

All to prevent any more epics that don’t conform to their tastes and perhaps even challenge and disagree with them from being created and stop the possibility of a Renaissance of such stories from happening.

These ideologues think their way is the end-all-be-all of epic storytelling and therefore is exempt from these natural forces of creative thinking. Ergo, the cultural greater good is at stake if aspiring writers don’t genuflect to the ways of their appointed prophets

And keep in mind, the alternative for this group isn’t being forced or obligated to write the opposite. They can take cues and inspirations in writing however the please, and in the same ways as I have mentioned above.

What the Stans are trying to do is control new creative minds to work strictly in their favor or restrict them to Cookie-Cutter MCU films, sitcoms, and kiddie shows while telling them to shut up and be content with that.

They want a world where nobody creates any stories in contrast to theirs, especially out of distaste. They want their approach to epic storytelling, archetypes, tropes, and ship dynamics to be left unchallenged, or at least not in an effective way.

They want couples like Jaune and Pyrrha, and if as I dread, Blake and Sun, Ren and Nora, and Aerith and Cloud in general to suffer the same tragic fate over and over and over again and never have that challenged, contrasted, or disagreed with. Often saying that because they are not the main focus, they have to be ultimately killed off in the end, and their relationship and survival should never made an essential part of an epic.

They want stories to be like the Star Wars Prequel trilogy but with no Original Trilogy, Fate Zero without Unlimited Blade Works.

They want all future epics to be like the Norse Myth Ragnarok, and even then they leave out bits like the Gods being married and have children to take over or how Baldur and his brother Hodr was resurrected at the end. Kinda like how they leave out how Tatsumi and Mine survived in Akame Ga Kill manga and got hitched because it was inconvenient for their propaganda.

They don’t want to worry about sharing the platform with people who disagree with them.

They don’t want to face the unpleasant fact that there’s always going to be people think and feel differently from them and make stories as such.

Nor do they wan’t there to be another demographic of people who disagree with them that is taken just as seriously as they do.

And any works like Fairy Tail, Edens Zero, Sword Art Online cannot be just seen as bad or lousy, they have to be seen as of The Devil and those who like it to be nothing but degenerates and perverts and any reasons they give to be dismissed as lies or insanity.

Also on social media websites like Tumblr dissidents we stay in tags specifically made for vents and negative opinions which the Stans whine at them to do so they don’t have to see their opinions and feelings, they come over there anyway and bark at them for wrong-thinking and wrong-feeling and cause all kinds of trouble, often twisting our vents, complains, feelings, and opinions as attacks against the show runners to justify their attempts to silence us.

To borrow RetroBlasting’s analogy of the Anti-Repro Group in the Star Wars Toy Collecting Community

“It’s the equivalent of living in a town that happens to be next to a Cult’s Commune, and the Cult asks to be left alone to live as they choose, but they keep sending angry proselytizers out into your city streets, to preach their loony beliefs”

They believe they should be able to write and do whatever they want, however they want, and say whatever they want, wherever they want, and doll all of this without suppression, all while simultaneously censoring, restricting and confining everyone else

That way they can go on their iconoclastic revolution without any audience members and aspiring writers who disagree with them fighting back in any capacity, or at least not in a meaningful way.

They know what they are trying to do is ludicrous, unachievable, nor desirable. The forces of imagination are ones they know they cannot stop. But they are Hellbent on fighting it anyway.

I’m sorry, but when your a group of people fighting an ideological war to conquer a force you cannot nor should you completely control, your basically just a group of hooligans who prefer to cause pointless drama to fuel your ego than doing anything constructive in the community.

Now their target is not the corporations or companies as SJW try to. Their target is the fresh blood that have yet to tell their stories and who hustle and bustle about on Social Media Networks. They go pushing these standards onto these newcomers and shame, invalidate, and belittle them when they don’t.

In their mind, you can’t be an entitled fan if you go after a creator who hasn’t written their stories or work for a company yet.

But they don’t screech and shrill like SJWs, their tone is more like a cross between Cutler Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy and Victoria Everglot’s parents from Corpse Bride

They have command over composure and articulate language but its often very passive aggressive, sneery, and sanctimonious.

Except The Berserker, when he goes off he sounds more like Pastor Steven Anderson, often speaking how the approaches stories like RWBY and Madoka Magica, and Gurren Lagan for some reason, are so righteous and how all other approaches are evil akin to the nutty pastor spewing his scorn against the Catholics Church, Orthodox Church, mainline Protestant and Jews.

Their massive hypocrisy is something they should be able to see given their condemnations of SJWs, but in their own cause they see it as perfectly acceptable.

Ideologues cannot be reasoned with, even though they claim they can be.

Ideologues never want peace, but always claim their peaceful.

They deal in absolutes and their ideology is the only thing they need in their mind to justify what they do to other people.

The lengths the Beserker and his army of Black Knights will resort to are not just cringeworthy, it’s downright appalling.

One of the things they love to do is to sycophantically point out to other writers but will also leave out parts that disprove their position as 100% right. At best, its out of ignorance, at worst, it’s flat out dishonesty.

For example, this group will arrogantly parade around how in the Lord of The Rings that after the conflict with Sauron, Saruman had scoured the shire. But they leave out the fact that Saurman’s little stunt didn’t last long as Frodo and Co with their experience ended Saruman’s scheme before he got backstabbed by Wormtongue.

They then go how Aragorn died before Arwen, but they leave out the couple had kids and a fulfilling regime before that and Arwen joined him shortly thereafter and they were reunited in the Timeless Halls before the glory of Eru Iluvatar.

They talk about how Frodo had to leave Middle Earth but leave out how Frodo was healed in Valinor(or found peace, I can’t remember) and even when he died, his fate was the same as the royal couple. Brought before the glory of Eru.

The Grimmdark Cops don’t like it when they don’t get the last word, nor do they like a happy afterlife because they don’t like such an idea no matter how detached from religion it is. But I would say this is more a symptom of a heavily secular culture we now live in today than anything else.

Now of course another tragic love story they love to bring up is Areith and Cloud at the hands of their lord and savior of Angst, Sephiroth.

Now I haven’t played the games, but I have a therapist and friends both who have and explained to me why it worked, and I will take their word on that, but I myself am just not into that. I don’t like it when romance is built up to be smashed down.

But one of my friends also pointed out that Cloud found love again in Tifa Lockhart. But the Grimmdark Cops also leave that out because its a blight on their agenda.

The only way they can allow something like that play out in stories such as RWBY if anyone is familiar with it is probably having Blake end up with Sun, Sun get’s killed off, probably by a zombified Adam, and Blake ends up with Yang instead, and even then they probably would have Yang eventually killed off too because its just not enough for them.

They ship LGBT couples but unlike the SJWs its even less sincere

They only support such ships if it gives them an excuse to kill off another that is traditionally straight, but not for some socio-political motive, but rather because its the act of tearing something down thats “traditional” in order for them to do what they nebulously define as “testing the hero’s valor.” Even then, they would also go after that ship and all other LGBT couples because of this obsessive compulsive need to “test” the heroes as well being fueled by a bizarre insecurity of showing the audience “Life’s not all sunshine and rainbows.” which they mean “This feel too right to us, make it tragic.” along with a nebulous claim it’s to show “consequences” no matter how contrived those “consequences” are

A romanic relationship in their eyes are just a means for their crusade, to be sacrificed on their sacrificial altar of ego.

My point is, just because it worked in Final Fantasy 7 doesn’t mean every ship, including ones like Cloud and Areith don’t always have to end up tragic.

Just as some characters may be like Portgas D. Ace from One Piece, but they don’t have to always be killed off like him.

Some characters may be like Ragna The Bloodedge from BlazBlue(if anyone knows it), but they don’t have to always end tragically like him and can choose a better path than he did.

But like I said The Grimmdark Cops do not accept that. They believe the philosophies of their venerated writers are gospel. As such, they believe they have the right to control what everyone else feels, thinks, their tastes, subjective feelings, creative minds, and use of inspiration as well as police everyone’s actions and speech over anything at any time. And they themselves are held accountable to no one

They also resort to dishonest rhetoric when representing the opposing side in order to sway those on the fence, because they can’t handle the idea of some on the fence going to the opposing side, nor can their egos handle the idea that someone while having similar experiences may have chose a different taste to cope, reflect, and move on.

The other side has to be evil, they have to be lying, they have to be ignorant, they have to be mentally ill.

Because this subculture can’t just be right about what they like and dislike, they have to be right about those who don’t share their tastes and preferences. Or else they would have to reflect upon themselves, and the Grimmdark Cops do not like that.

I remember after RWBY V3 there were criminally disingenuous arguments made by stans that those who felt alienated just wanted “Chibi RWBY with regular models” and told them to go watch Chibi RWBY or the MCU and shut up and be content with that.

I have spoken with many RWBY dissidents, and I never heard any of them say even once they wanted it to be lighthearted all the time.

I have seen some RWBY rewrites on FanFiction.Net and they had different ships, different character focus and world building, character deaths. Some I agreed with, some I didn’t, some I shipped, others I did not. Writing choices driven by objective reasons, subjective reasons, and a combo of both.

But whatever they were, they were done with the intent to improve RWBY so it could be the best it can be.

You may not agree with the points or arguments, you really don’t have to at all. But you can at least see the other side’s arguments are more nuanced and thought out and they aren’t the cowardly, backward, and uncultured subhuman scumbags they are made out to be.

But that would require honestly representing the opposing side, and the Stans do not like such honesty. 

They do not like making fair comparisons either, always harkening to RWBY, Madoka Magica, or Akame Ga Kill and Fate: Zero as a litmus test if an epic is good or not

Then they label anything not like that with words like “Sunshine and Rainbows”, “Bulls**t Happy Ending”, “Sugar-plumb fairies” or “Detrimental” akin to how an SJW calls a story they don’t like “Racist”, “Sexist”, “Homophobic”, or “Problematic” or a militant atheist calling religion “Bronze Age myth” or “Sky Daddy” its all the same rhetoric, make the opposing side sound immoral and stupid, and make your own side sound righteous and smart.

This brings me back to The-Black-And-White-Beserker.

When a dissent brought up his own tragic experience and what he turned to in terms of entertainment to pick up the pieces rather than RWBY or Madoka Magica.

Aurthurian Legend

Harry Potter

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

And Soul Eater

Now a considerate person would probably think

“Hmmm, this person brought up stories that while most of them had happy endings, also had a good amount of drama. So this person isn’t against darkness but just rather also have a good amount of happiness and just is picky about certain outcomes. So he’s not a coward, just thinks and feels differently than I do.”

The Berserker on the other hand, straight up bit the dissent’s head off. He accused the poster of presenting such stories as 100% lighthearted and used that to accuse him of lying of his experience. And even then, acknowledging why that person likes Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, he acted like one of those reasons, surviving romantic couples, was a bad thing.

This group often belittles someone telling them to not judge a story on their subjective feelings and even then that their subjective feelings are wrong

“You shouldn’t use your subjective feelings in judging a story, and even then, how dare your subjective feelings not align with ours.”

The Grimmdark Police always say their fine with criticism of stories like RWBY if its “valid” and “objective”, but even when someone does try to be objective in their critiques, no matter how hard they try, it always ends up not being enough for the stans, and the dissident is demonized anyway and once gain get shamed restlessly with accusations of threatening the show runners.

They are also quick to eat their own the nanosecond one of their crusaders begins to question or dislike anything about their sacred golden calves.

Such was the case of a former Grimmdark Cop who I will call Ms.Fluff

Ms.Fluff used to be a good friend of The Berserker, but over time, she began to grow quite ill of RWBY but seemed to be too scared to say anything. She felt Black Sun was thrown out for Bumbleby, she thought the Fair Game tease was shallow, and she didn’t like Pyrrha’s death. But she kept smiling and nodding as she dreaded of being punished.

She finally couldn’t take it anymore. She posted a vent post and the Berserker turned on her instantly and humiliated her in a post for all of his minions to see. She didn’t care, but it shows how quick they are to betray their own kind when they step out of line.

This group that complains about SJWs making everyone afraid to speak their mind do the same exact thing all while saying how nobody finds other ways interesting anymore.

Everyone else contributes to this problem, but they can never consider the possibility that they are part of that problem. Because like I said in my last post, their way will never be wrong in their eyes.

But probably the most horrendous incident involving this horde involves the Berserker and a DeviantART user who I will call Christopher Robin

A few weeks after RWBY Volume 3, Christopher decided to speak his mind on DeviantART in a journal. In this journal, Christopher made a thorough disclaimer that he was just his opinion and he was speaking it as clearly as such.

The-Black-And-White-Beserker saw this journal and decided to go after Christopher. He harassed the man for an entire week demanding that Christopher take down his journal entry or else he would “drag him to Hell for all to see” and Christopher refused and began begging Berserker to leave him alone.

Oh, but that’s not the best part.

Berserker then put a link to the journal on a RWBY Reddit Page and began riling up his minions, he said that people like Christopher Robin were in “Dangerous Mindsets” and “Twisting reality to Justify their feelings”

He made it sound like Christopher Robin was justifying school shootings or something. All because he said he did not like the character deaths and dark turn of the show.

Then he told them to “think about what he said, not what I said, now GO!”

So he basically stoked the fires of righteous indignation in his stormtroopers and sent them to raise unholy Hell.

The attacks were so bad that Christopher told Berserker he was actually considering suicide, Beserker’s response?

“Stay away from him, he’s not right in the head” and “I didn’t even try to be mean to him”

Berserker harassed someone over an opinion, launched an entire harassment campaign against him, pushed him into near suicide, and then showed no remorse, blamed the victim, and only apologized when he was called out.

Do I HAVE to tell you how messed up that is? PLEASE tell me I don’t.

This group always plays themselves and the beloved writers as the victims and demands apologies and condemnations from others, but as for their own deplorable and sanctimonious behavior? There will always be and excuse or and exception.

SJW Hypocrisy is a bad joke, theirs is an art form. They complain about them supporting groups like AntiFa while they themselves turn a blind eye to the actions of their own ilk to achieve their own aims. All to fight an unwinnable war to completely control creativity itself.

They clearly believe religiously venerating writers is more important than treating others with empathy and civility or minding their own business

And worst of all, they do all of this while complaining about SJW methods and how they polarize and divide audiences and writers

They are okay with their actions have done to people in a pointless fight that they cannot nor should they win, because there is no castle to plunder.

Their movement has its own brand of Censorship, Buzzwords, Oppression Narrative, Thought Policing, Groupthink, and Control, no matter how they attempt to spin it.

And they all have this hallucination that they are the heroic underdogs of this story. Just like the SJWs.

The Lord doth say “You shall know them by their fruits” and their fruits are bitter and rotten.

They disregard other people’s experiences as lies or insanity if they don’t end up liking what these groups like and instead liking what these groups don’t.

They are quick to tell others that they don’t matter, and how pathetic, sad, and mentally ill they are if they disagree with them.

And they’ve become so drunk off their elitism, they have failed to see that they do not have the moral high ground in their actions.

They have decreed the likes of Gen Urobuchi, Dan Didio, the late Monty Oum as the collective Big Brother whose way is the law of the land, and themselves their police force, and they believe all audience members and aspiring storytellers are obligated to be obedient to their will, and that they can dictate the destinies of characters, stories, and ships yet to be created.

These writers aren’t, they aren’t, we aren’t, and they don’t

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