The Loreverse: Ventix, The Loremaster of Wind

“Thou art Ventix, The Lord of the wind, lawman, sheriff, and great sentinel. You shall be the patron saint of lawmen, frontiersmen, and peacekeepers as you command the winds to be calm winds or strong tempests whenever they need be. You’re sense of justice shall help establish boundaries and your gusts of wind shall uproot the lawless and chaotic and soft breezes shall maintain the lawful. Mortals shall seek order amongst the chaos and your winds shall bring them to it”– Omnibus

With eyes like a sunset and hair of grey and with the appearance of a sheriff in colors of tan, burgundy, and sagebrush, Ventix is the Loremaster of Air, One of the Six Cherubim, husband of Silva, embodiment of the world Range and wind which stirs to bring chaos and calms to bring order.

No-Nonsense, Sober, and honorable, Ventix uses the wind to calm chaos in mortal worlds whenever he can and stirs tempests to where evil, mostly organized crime, takes root. He often spends his time in Avalon high upon the Grey Canyons in his domain to observe the worlds below and write laws in his great books. He then gives it to his Inspiri to copy and use to teach mortals law as well record just law and bring them back to their master. Whenever the Deo Electi are in mental dismay and lack clarity, Ventix acts as the lawman of their thoughts and through the aid of the Creati bring peace and law to their minds and senses.

As state, how Ventix brings order and peace of mind depends on which world and its nature.

In his own realm Range, he can operate through gentle breezes or great gusts of wind

With Solarax in Decotropolis he works through the gentle warmth of a fireplace or smells of stands, cafes, and restaurants

With Fulgrom in the realm of Quartz he works through soft rumbles of thunder

With Umbarias in the realm Nokenpad he works through the soft sounds of the night

With Aquitas in the realm of Exepitia he works through the calming sounds of the ocean tides

With his wife Silvine in the realm of Fauna he works through the gentle sounds of the birds

Make no mistake, despite his gentle and silent nature, Ventix does act when it comes to it often working through one of the Deo Electi who is chosen to wield a portion of his power, lending them the power to command great and terrible wind storms to blow away the wicked

In the realm of the Range, he is known as The Wondering Windy Lawman for when the foul and cruel act upon their greedy and barbaric ways among lawful and good towns, he will at times appear as a wandering mysterious traveler clothed in burgundy and brown upon a grey horse, brining with him strong gusts of wind to intimidate and warn these lawbreakers they are not welcome

While seeming serious and grim, his wife Silvine seems to break his sober disposition and melt into her hands

Animals that he’s associated with are Eagles, Coyotes, and Buffalo

I based him on Stribog of Slavic myth but also Clint Eastwood and Nathaniel “Natty” Bumppo aka Hawkeye of The Last of The Mohicans and the legends of Wyatt Earp

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