The Loreverse: Aquitas, Loremistress of Water

“Thou art Aquitas, The Holy Navigator, Lady of the Seas, Charter, and Pilgrim. You shall be The Patron Saint of Pilgrims, Adventurers, Travel, Expeditions, and Wisdom. You shall fill the great cavities of these worlds with the waters of your fountains and you shall grant safe travels to the Deo Electi. Wherever water flows, you shall be present. In the water, mortals will look and reflect upon themselves and gain wisdom Whatever filth taints my flocks, you shall wash them away.” – Omnibus

With hair and eyes like seafoam and clothed with turquoise, white, and bronze, Aquitas The Loremistress of Water is one of the Six Cherubim and Wife of Fulgrom and embodiment of the world Expeditia and the element of water which washes, nourishes, and reflects.

Wise, soft-spoken, and collective, Aquitas maps out each lore-world and brings them to her Inspiri which in turn use to teach mortals the art of charting, map making, and navigation. She also observes the personal plights of the Deo Electi and helping them reflect and find resolve. As she records the experience of the Deo Electi of each respective realm, her inspiri relay it and bring it to mortal spiritual guides of other worlds. Also through the fountains of her room, Aquitas also subtly points the Deo Electi in the right direction during their journeys and provide sage passage in spite of harsh weather or obstacles in her path. On her own, she can use water to direct weather be seas, rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water and liquid based navigation such as liquid compasses. She requires aid with the other Creati in Order to guide the Deo Electi with other elements

With her husband Fulgrom she can guide them with where lightning strikes

With Umbarias she can guide them with the stars of the night

With Solarax she can guide them with where the sun casts the shadows

With Silvine she guides with where moss and vines grow

With Ventix she guides by where the wind blows

In the world of Expeditia she is known as The Mother of Tides and it is said that she appears in the reflections of the seas when mortal souls are looking back on their past actions or lost at sea, often helping them finding resolve or leading them back home or their desired destination.

Aquitas often serves as the voice of reason and restraint during his mad fits of inventing and conceptualizing, helping him relax with her kisses and loving embrace.

The animals she is associated with are Seagulls, Squid, and Orcas

Her inspiration comes mostly from Scheherazade along with Amphitrite and Naburoo from Legend of Zelda

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