My other Universe, The VIGIL-Verse

While I work on conceptualizing my overarching multiverse and stories, I would like to introduce another universe in the making, the indie industry has been rising up and introducing new worlds of superheroes. From Timothy Lim with his USA Super-Bunny Black Hops and his satirical heroine Kamen America, so I decided to conceptualize my own world of superheroes, which will begin at the end of the Victorian Era, and rise upward thereafter

This is The V.I.G.I.L-Verse

Inspired by the DC Animated Universe I grew up with, Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited combined with Tokusatsu and works of Shotarou Ishnomori

For those who do not know. Shotarou Ishnomori was a manga artist and an assistant to Osamu Tezuka in the mid 1950s and had created countless of works such as Cyborg 009, Inazuman, The Skull Man, and even created Kamen Rider and Himitsu Sentai Goranger which would be adapted in the 1970s respectively as the first of the Kamen Rider Series and Super Sentai Series which the latter we would adapt as Power Rangers starting from from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, and Metal Hero Series which we would also adapt some of its shows into Big Bad Beetleborgs and VR Troopers. His stories I have enjoyed in my life and I still think its criminal how underappreciated he is outside of the world of manga, anime, and a considerable amount of modern mythology is owed to this man. But that is a story for another post for another day.

Now Tokusatsu is a genre of Japanese film and television, the word literary means “Special Effects” and technically can be applied to almost any show or film that uses them. But technically, it falls into the lines of what Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Metal Hero would be, all three belonging to Toei, but there have been other companies who competed against them and at least one still does to this day, Tsubraya with its Ultraman Series.

But the main motifs of Toku shows is there would be a hero that transforms, or in some cases summons the hero, and usually, with a device, an evil organization that had a “Great Leader”, an elite, a monster of the week, an army of grunts, and incredible theme songs, most of it I say was started or at least perfected by Shotaro.

The VIGIL verse follows just that, setting in an alternate Earth to our own, and starting off in the UK at the near end of the Victorian Era, New York and Mexico during the Gilded Age, and Japan in the Meiji Era with a history of Tokusatsu-esque heroes.

A sinister secret society working to supplant humanity with a race of monsters, lead by the mysterious “High-Leader” this organization is known as Verum. With it’s branches in each respected country, kidnapping the vulnerable of society and recruiting those willing, sacrificing them to a mysterious heathen god they simply call “The Secret God” who in turn gives them the souls of those sacrificed to be turned into “Monster-Men”

Which brings us to our seven heroes will be the seeds of a legacy that will come to fruition through their children, grandchild, and their allies. These heroes being of an owl, a rabbit, a fox, a spider, golem, and a pumpkin.

Anslem Godwin – The Owlman – A Kajin created by Verum’s western branch, The Circle of Stolas. In his past life, he was an orphan taken it by the cult only to be sacrificed and reborn as an adult monster.

Ichabod Crane – The Headless Hosreman – A former school teacher who fell to the curse of Sleepy Hollow and became an American dullahan but through battling with his personal demons, has learned to wield its power for good

Aina Natsuki – The Jade Rabbit – A Gyokuto, A Moon Rabbit Youkai, skilled in medicine, and a mallet, who leaves her home in order to pursuit the mysterious forces laying waste to her village and spreading pestilence throughout Japan

Miyako Momoka – The Pink Fox – A Kitsune and close friend of Aina who accompanies her in her crusade as well as flirting with men who she finds attractive, mostly out of unresolved feelings of loneliness.

Berko Chidubem – The Yellow Spider – A spidermorph who lives in a village in Ghana as a Tailor but his peaceful life comes to an end when villages are terrorized by monsters of unholy origins

Adam Stein – A Golem created by Joseph The Wandering Jew who worked in Israel with his creator as a traveling Merchant until the city of Israel is haunted by creatures of Mesopotamian mythology

After they deal with their own threats, they are each invited by agents of an organization that deals with with satanic and occult threats, and had been in an underground war with Verum for the soul of the world.

The Order of St. Cyprian which is run by an eccentric cardinal of the Holy See

The five serve the order and join the fight that stretches to the 1980s which they have made ties to other heroes in other countries.

From there, in an alternate 1990s, new heroes will spring up all over the globe, and the children and grandchild of the original five will bring them together in an international organization that will serve to combat threats of humanity







What I hope to create is in this superhero universe is something that DC and has lost thanks to he-who-shall-not-be-named and the movement pushed by the “True Art is Angsty” crowd who I personally believe have too much influence along with other “subversive” movements, but that is for another day.

This will be a superhero universe that will have what the youth need and want. Heroes with happy personal lives, that have happy marriages and families that are legacy characters who live those things as well, Aspirational Heroes, everything that the once iconic universe of two letters were.

Enough with the angst

Enough with the subverting

Enough with this insecure and arrogant need to be dark to fuel fabricated feelings superiority and a nebulous and narcissistic idea of “maturity” or the infamous and irritating buzzword, or “Buzz-saying” “That’s life, crap happens”

I am not certain if I should make this a website of its own or simply tag the difference. I will consort with my peers to come to a decision.

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