The Loreverse: Umbarias, Loremistress of Shadow

“Thou art Umbarias, The Holy Undertaker, Dancer, Weaver, and Judge of The Dead. You shall be The Patron Saint of Undertaking, Dancing, Courage, Sewing, Prophecy and Empathy. You shall weave the night sky and bead them with stars and your shadows shall conceal the righteous and innocent from the wicked. You shall judge the dead and bring the innocent and righteous home to Paradisio and comfort those who mourn their passing like the gentle moonlight. You shall inspire courage to those who face their fears, and you shall bring my word to my prophets”-Omnibus

With hair like stars in the night sky and eyes like the moon, dressed in purple, black, and silver, Umbarias The Loremistress of Shadow is one of the Six Cherubim, wife of Solarax, and Embodiment of the world Nokenpad and the element of Shadow which conceals, shrouds, and shields. Solarax takes on the likeness of a woman dressed in clothes best described like a Romani Fortune Teller with a veil hiding her lips which are said to be pure silver, only allowing them to be seen and kissed by her husband.

Compassionate, soft spoken, and somewhat seductive and flirtatious, Umbarias uses her power through dances and weaving. She also carries out Omnibus’s judgements over the moral dead and provides comfort to souls that are passing and those who mourn as well as whispering Omnibus’ prophecies to The Loresages.

However when it comes to prophecies in other worlds, she also needs aid of her fellow Creati and often needs assistance when guiding departed souls of worlds outside her own as well. Her other ability is her very being is like a spinning wheel, her dances are what spins the threads of the night sky and bead them with stars. Her last ability is she can see wherever shadows are cast and often uses the shadows of the Deo Electi to track and report their progress.

In the world Nokenpad she is known as Mother Midnight and it is said when the wicked act on their evil desires, they get a haunting feeling creeping up behind their back only to look at the shadows to find countless of silver piercing glares. When one is mourning, she will manifest to the mourner’s shadow to embrace and comfort them, whispering words of comfort into their ears, and often appears to a mortal’s moment of death to retrieve their soul to swaddle in her robes as she brings them home.

She loves to tease and flirt her husband, often using her dances and/or seductive glances

Animals that she is associated with by mortals are foxes, bats, and spiders

Her inspiration comes from The Zorya Sisters of Slavic Myth along with the Valar Varda(with her roles deriving from bits of Mandos, his wife VairĂ«, and Nesse), Morticia Addams(notably Anjelica Hutson), Esmeralda from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ahri from League of Legends, and La Muerte from The Book of Life.

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