The Loreverse: Solarax, The Loremaster of Fire

“Thou art Solarax, The Holy Smith and Architect, and Loremaster of Fire. Thou shall be the Patron Saint of Passion, Music, Smithery, Masonry, and Architecture. Thous shall craft the weapons of my Deo Electi, you shall be a radiant example to metalworkers, builders, and musicians. Your joyous zeal will be like a blazing sun and shall inspire mortals with your powerful songs.”-Omnibus

With hair like glowing black coals and eyes like the sun, and clothed in maroon, gold, and brown, Solarax The Loremaster of Fire is one of the Six Cherubim, and the Embodiment of the world Decotropolis and the element of Fire which helps crafts, melts, burns, fuels, and purifies. He is also The Loreverse’s Patron Saint of Musicians, Architechs, Masons, Metalsmiths, and Ironworkers. Solarax takes on the likeness of a cross between a Blacksmith and Roaring 20s New York Dandy

Passionate, merry, and ingenious, Solarax works with a bright smile on his face. Solarax sings while he works, crafting weapons for the Deo Electi, creating sketches for architecture for the inspiri to teach mortals for various worlds who in turn are inspired to create their own works, or conducting his orchestra of Inspiri to play songs written by mortals.

What makes Solarax different from the others is he seems to hum to himself and writing down songs, doodling designs for weapons, and architecture. Also when it comes to music, it requires him to work with the others when it comes to creating hymns of respective worlds. Alone, Solarax can only create types of Jazz, he must work with his other Creati in order to create different forms of music

With his wife Umbarias, he can create Classical Crossover music

With Fulgrom, he can create Eurobeat

With Aquitas, he can creates Oriental music

With Silvine, he can create Celtic Rock

With Ventix he creates Country

Not only that, when it comes to making weapons suited for Deo Electi, he requires essence of other elements provided by his fellow Creati

Now in his world he has a nickname that passed around in legends known as Smokey Joe and he likes to manifest vague images of himself in fires from restaurants, foundries, or even fireplaces in homes of mortals and it is said when anywhere in the Loreverse musical instruments are played, they echo the sound of the Solarax’s hammer colliding with his anvil which is said to be a beautiful and passionate harmony of bells, gongs, cymbals, trumpets, organs, and other forms of music.

Now his love for his wife Umbarias is one that fuels his work as well, and often he shows affection by often embracing his beloved and peppering her with kisses. His love is like one described like a roaring flame and searing desire.

Animals that he is often associated by mortals are wolves, lions, and condors

For his inspiration for being an embodiment of fire and smith, I took inspiration from Svarog the Slavic God of Smithery but his other influences are Gomez Addams(notably John Astin and Raul Julia) and Cab Calloway

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