The Loreverse: Aetherius, Loremaster of Aether

“Thou art Aetherius, The Divine Fool, The Holy Harlequin, Loremaster of Aether and Seraph of The Creati, thou shalt be the Patron Saint of mirth, tricksters, laughter, optimism and humor. When Evil is law, thou shalt be a trickster unto them, when Good is law, thou shalt be a Lawman, thou art mighty as your brother was in his former glory, and thou shall deliver my word to your kin”-Omnibus

With brilliant wings of six and donning the appearance of a jester with brilliant colors of orange, brown, and white, and wielding a scepter of pure ivory, Aetherius The Loremaster of Aether is the Seraph(Leader) of the Creati and one of the 7 rulers of Avalon and was created along with his brother Netherius before he fell, was created to be the embodiment of Aether, the element that begets and masters over the other six. He is also the Loreverse’s patron saint of comedy, laughter, mirth, optimism, and trickery

Aetherius as the Seraph is the one who personally receives word from Omnibus of what actions to take and relays word to his fellow Creati who then instruct the Inspiri.

Witty, clever, and hopeful, Aetherius when not busy governing Avalon or conversing with his cohorts, sends an avatar of himself to explore the worlds of Lore and bring good luck to good people whoever crosses his path. Often appearing as an dancing orange apparition following with the sound of ghostly jingles and laughter, often serving as a harbinger of eucatastrophe in a conflict.

The unique thing about Aetherius is his tripartite archetypal nature, he is a trickster, a detective, and a frontiersman. When the wicked and cruel are in power, Aetherius acts as a trickster to break the shackles put upon the worlds by the reign of tyrants, then he acts as a lawman/detective in restoring the intended boundaries and thus restoring that world to its rightful state of glory, and a frontiersman to maintain that state of glory to keep the peace. Now his cohorts share these traits as well, but some characteristic are more predominant than others depending on the nature of that world. One example is Ventix and the Western-Fantasy world Range he oversees and embodies, they are more of a dual nature of trickster and frontiersman over detective, or Solarax and Decotropolis as they are mostly detective in nature than trickster and frontiersman.

Now Aetherius does have a wife, who I am still trying to conceptualize, but unlike the others, she is not a Creati but in fact an Inspiri. For Omnibus told him he too was meant to have an significant other from a humbler beginning to replace his brother’s spot “For Six become Three, and One becomes Two, and thus Seven becomes Five and balance is maintained, this is the way of Lore.” as Omnibus decrees “And only the truly humble and faithful can be wed to the divine, that too is the way of Lore.” So Aetherius looked in Avalon to find among the Inspiri one who would be faithful to him, as he would be faithful to her, and found one, a woman who laughed as his jokes and felt a connection with him and thus became his wife.

He goes by many names in the worlds of Lore, The Jester of Justice, The Orange Imp, The Snickering Spark, The Righteous Rodeo Clown, The Tittering Toon, The Cackling Klabautermann, and of course The Lord of Jesters and Jester of Lords

My primary inspiration for him came from the Slavic god of Light and Goodness, Belobog, and followed Manwe Sulimno from Tolkien’s Legendarium, the stock character Harlequin and St. Michael the Archangel

Mostly because tricksters seem to be used as the harbringers of tragedy and misery, there seems to be very little stories where they bring fortune to the innocent and righteous. So I decided to create one as a response.

One thought on “The Loreverse: Aetherius, Loremaster of Aether

  1. I like the trickster/lawman duality. And odd numbers being the way of Lore puts me in mind of traditional odd-numbered act structures, not to mention the Trinity.
    Did you intend for Seraphim to be singular? Having a little fun with the terminology like Madeleine L’Engle?


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